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Repairing Registry in Windows XP

Windows XP contains a registry which records all the information about each and every application program installed in the system. Most computer users are not aware of how the windows registry works and hence are not able to solve problems with the registry which makes the computer to work slowly. The registry makes the operating system aware of all the application programs and the operating system allocated them memory for their tasks accordingly. So without the proper working of the registry, an operating system cannot work properly.

When an application is uninstalled from the system, its keys from the registry are also erased from the windows registry. Most users use windows XP and hence in windows XP it usually happens that when an application is erased from the system, its keys are not erased from the windows XP registry which means that the operating system will still share the memory of the system with that application which is not present there. This deprives other application from their share of the memory which was supposed to be shared with them so that they would be able to complete their task in time.

Windows XP registry repair software scans the registry for all such broken and unwanted registry entries and either repairs them or deletes them as per the user's wish. This frees all the memory which was locked up by the application which had already been deleted and this freed memory can be used up by other applications to complete their task in time. This boosts the system's performance and hence also makes the system free of any errors. The user would be completely satisfied with his system after cleaning the registry with windows XP registry repair software and would not get irritated with its slow performance.

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