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Get Your Free Office Mobile 2010 Beta

As part of their Office 2010 beta announcement, Microsoft announced the availability of the Office Mobile 2010 Beta.

Basically, there are two major offerings Microsoft provides for Mobile Office. One is Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 and the other is Microsoft Office 2010 Mobile Viewer.

So if you want to modify your Office documents, you can use Office Mobile 2010 applications. But if you just want the quick view of the documents, you can use Office 2010 Mobile Viewers, which display your documents in mobile browser.

Windows Phone users can download both applications, but if you're on a non-Windows platform then you can only get the Office Mobile 2010 Viewer. As previously mentioned, you get to view the Office documents in your mobile browser whether you have an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a Droid, a Symbian, or some other smartphone.

The beta download for Office Mobile 2010 is available worldwide at Windows Marketplace for Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

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