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Gold Secrets - A World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Review

Some of you may have heard about a World of Warcraft guide called Gold Secrets. The book is written by Luke Brown, and I'm about to tell you if it's worth the small investment. If you've played WoW a little bit, then you'll know that in order to perform well you need to do a couple of things - progress through the different levels, and obtain gold to get gear and equipment. Luke's guide does a great job of showing a player both, but it pays particular attention to Warcraft gold secrets.

Now, there are some WoW players who don't play by the rules and opt to buy gold online. A number of internet gold re-sellers exist and they probably do very well, as gold is the currency of trade in Warcraft. But be very careful. Buying gold from these internet providers can get you permanently banned from World of Warcraft as it is against their terms of service. No joke. Besides, it's not much fun buying gold for real money and it can get very expensive.

So back to Luke Brown's Gold Secrets, does is offer any value? First, here's a little thing or two that you should know about Luke Brown. He is known as the "Godfather of Gold" in Warcraft circles and since the release of his Warcraft Gold Secrets guide, he has become much hated by the online gold re-sellers. Furthermore, Luke has a number of Level 80 characters and his accounts usually have several thousands of gold.

Given Luke's qualifications, it is fair to say that his gold guide is chalk full of the best tips and hints available anywhere. He has proven how you can earn over 400 gold per hour. Inside the guide you will find detailed maps and images that show you step by step everything that you need to make more gold. Luke will also show you how to master the gold making techniques in the Auction House.

In short, this guide is for anyone who is determined at mastering WoW. This guide will have you earning hundreds more gold per day in very little time. I urge you to check it out. For more information on WoW gold secrets guide, check this out:

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