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How to Unblock Hackshield Point Blank

if you are the owner of the cafe or personal PointBlank likes to play games ..
and it turns out when you or a user who uses fraudulent means to cheat cheat
usually be advised that most young children play
There are several solutions that can be done ....

only this time I give a first (because not finding any other way but I have been successful with the way below)
I have attempted this in several of the cafe had a problem like this and already in test by using my own computer ..

The first thing there is to open the Run
type regedit and then press Enter
after open the Registry Editor find \ HKEY_LOCAL \ SYSTEM \ CurrentCo ntrolSet \ Services \
EagleNT right click then select permissions.
select "Everyone" now on the checklist checklist deny compensation to allow
then stay OK
completed ..
first test with the open louncher PB ..
eng ing eng taaaraaaa PB you can play with no need to uninstall XP

This is useful for what?

unblok hackshield this way .. .
when there is someone who is playing PB in the cafe ...
then that person intends to use the cheat ...
but these will cheat hack shield terdeteck by him from pointblank ..
become people who want to play PB after that person could not play because of the block by PB hackshield ..
in because there is a registry that the fox ....
This did not mean to use Deepfreeze klo .. .
tuh klo cafe but did not use it so troublesome .. deepfreeeze
let alone playing in the house most of it not use deepfreeze .. ..
hackshieldnya registry because there is a change ..
while many people of your own or want to play NT ...
sought by the troubled registry tuh meet not meet even make headaches ...
so there are my friends right in the desperate tuh XP uninstall it .. (This is not a cafe but friends playing at home)
want to play for the NT

What kind of cheat here?
klo from cheatnya own soulmate with aja deh ...
There just pack oby the share link for the cheat PB ..

http://www.premiumt / 2010/05/point- blank-bp-cheat-code. html

but his usual right before the make sure the cheat to work on Dolo hackshieldnya biat tuh cheat can walk ..
klo sampe not want parents in kerjain also like I could not walk tuh cheat ... (this is my personal opinion is maapin aja klo abis pake not ever cheat)

And what impact, if not pake this method?

about the impact that caused
ya mas or user may not be able to play PB because terblock by detecting the cheat hackshield
(Again this does not mean klo use deepfreeze do this on a personal computer lho klo)
klo not use methods that I also do not share anything because there is a saying "all roads lead to Rome"
which can mean many methods that can be done other than the method I gave.
but I myself use this method because so far I managed to heal the ngedeteck hackshield cheat

How come until the uninstall XP ...?
This is done by my friend who was addicted to online game ...
because stress can not play some time (this is because he try to use the cheat and he played in the home personal computer alias)
well what can we do to uninstall the already excessive in
I can not comment much happens
abis already addicted sich ... not play a half-day course he heads dizzy

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