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The Farm (2010)

The Farm (2010/ENG)
PC Game | Windows | Simulator | Astragon | 265 MB

If you always wanted to enjoy the fresh air and open life of a farmer, now is your chance! Take a farm and make it a success, ensuring that the animals are well cared for, your crops are developed and then take your product to market, to get your money!
Invest your profits wisely to improve the economy, and you can grow a variety of different cultures, improve your income, and recruit additional workers if you can afford it. If managed well, you'll earn enough to invest in new equipment needed to run the big business of agricultural scale.

four different and highly detailed 3D world of flora and fauna
grow depending on the soil and care for animals
five levels of difficulty
non-linear gameplay
Bonus - includes an integrated game "Othello"

OS: XP / Vista
Language: English
The medicine: not required
MD5: 34EB04A68DF0C864826BEFBFD67E703D
Size: 265 MB


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