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Drawing Sexy Cars is Easy!

Because you are reading this, I bet you would love to draw pictures of exotic cars. You may have already tried, and found them too hard to draw well. You may have been been going at it from the wrong angle, literally! Cars like the Ferrari Enzo, the Bugatti Veyron, and almost any Lamborghini, have many details that set them apart from other cars, but they also make them harder to draw than normal automobiles.

Most people try to draw a car from the side, assuming that it will show the car in the best light. When you look at an exotic car from this angle, you have all the ducts, the fenders, the air intakes, and worst of all, the wheels! Expensive cars have expensive wheels, and they are very complicated to draw. In the time it would take you to draw the Bugatti wheels, you could probably draw a whole Mustang!

So, how to draw one of these sexy cars easily? Simple, draw it from directly in front or to the rear of the car. These do not look like other cars, they are very distinctive. You just eliminated ninety percent of the problems of rendering these beauties!

With this one change, you almost cannot screw up your sketch. You do not have to worry about proportion, or roof line, or windshield line, or any of those other worrisome details. From the front, or the back, the vehicle becomes a rectangular box, with another box on top of it. All you have to do is to decide how wide you want to draw it, then how high at the fenders, and the roof, easy!

Actually, it is even easier than that. These cars are very wide, and very low, they are essentially race cars. You do not have to make them exactly to scale, you can exaggerate to make it wider and lower as you like, you are the artist! I do not mean that you have to stretch it out, but you can. It might even look better than the real thing! The lower the angle of the car, the the fewer details to be drawn.

Look for a picture on the internet that is taken from the end of the car that you want to show, print it out, then start having fun drawing! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Rick Rucker is a pen and ink artist who lives in Southern California with his wife of over thirty years. He is a member of The Motor Press Guild, and his artwork hangs in museums and private collections. Rick has a website for his free newsletter about drawing cars. The address is: There is a free gift for you there, just for subscribing.

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