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5 Best Brochure Graphic Design Techniques

Do you need great ideas for the graphic design of your brochures? Well, in my experience in brochure printing, I have seen five great graphic design techniques that always work and have never failed to attract people.

For the benefit of other would be designers out there, I will share these great techniques to design and print brochures.

Let us start with my favorite and the most effective, the attention seeker design.

1. The attention seeker design -- This type of design is basically the technique that uses questions. For example, a brochure that has the words "Are you depressed?" on its cover is an attention seeker design. It asks people about its issues to attract attention. It is a simple and very powerful technique that does target the particular readers you want quickly. It is perfect for brochures that are part of awareness campaigns where you want to target specific people to give information to.

2. The poster brochure -- this is a more visual design technique. This type of graphic design belittles text in favor of a compelling and well-designed cover. For example, a brochure about child exploitation may have a very powerful picture of children being forced to work in the streets. The picture alone, compelling as it is should be enough for people to pick up the brochure. The only problem though with this technique is that you have to be good at taking or creating images and photographs.

3. The classic corporate -- The classic corporate design is the mainstay of post public relations and client relations color brochures. This design involves clean and crisp lines, simple colors and the judicious use of the company logo. While this may seem boring, it is actually the style that is most in use today. It is a safe mode of designing that should always be part of your retinue of design proposals.

4. The symbol brochure -- Another great design technique. This kind of design involves using one very memorable symbol at the cover of your color brochure. This can be an embossed logo of the company, or an intricate picture of the product that is being sold. Symbols usually stick in people's mind and they will have an easier time recalling your brochure because of it. This is a great type of design if you want to promote one particular product or concept.

5. The mystery brochure -- finally, this particular type of design technique involves creating a brochure cover that makes people wonder. Usually this design has some text that entices people to the information inside the brochure. For example, the brochure message can say, "discover the 10 rules of making money fast. Take a look inside!" Attracting people with mysterious and interesting information almost always guarantees a reader for your brochure. So use this as well in your own designs.

These are the five best techniques for graphic design in color brochures. It is not really about the skill you have in designing brochures. It is about how the message is delivered to people. Good Luck!

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