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How Does a Keylogger Work - Good Or Bad?

A keylogger are software designed to record everything you type on the keyboard such as passwords, user names, emails, credit card numbers and etc. Don't have any idea how does a keylogger work?

Keyloggers can be very harmful if someone uses it in a different way. It can be used to steal personal information because it runs in a stealth mode and complete invisible. But some company's apply this application on their computers to check on their employee's activities and the use of their computers and Internet.

The best advantage of keylogger is to use it for back-up objective when your system crashes. It is perfect to have keylogger installed in your computer so you won't forget some of your important passwords.

Keylogger also has a disadvantage; it can be used as a device to unlock your full personal information by a third party. When your computer is booted, this is where the keylogger starts up, so that it will be difficult for the user to notice that all of the keys typed are all recorded. For people who are using online cash sites, keylogger software can be alarming. So you better have knowledge on how does the keylogger work to protect yourself from people who want to steal from you.

Tips on how to recover a keylogger on your system:

o Open the task window by pressing ctrl+alt+Del on windows. Check some unknown tasks that are running.

o Using of the system configuration utility to detect task that are booted in the start up.

o Running the anti-virus can also help you to detect and select where the keylogger is located.

Once the keylogger is detected, your might as well remove it. It can be stop by clicking the process and then also click the "End Process" button. It should terminate the process you have selected. Once you have terminated the keylogger run your anti-virus for the second time to fully check your entire computer for any possible threats. There are advanced keyloggers that even anti-virus software could not distinguish.

The perfect way of knowing if the keylogger has been completely wipe out on your system is to restart your computer and check if the file name of the keylogger still exist when your computer boots up.

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