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Rampok v2.0

Rampok_v2.0 hacking tools that are very unique. Rampok_v2.0 can steal files from the USB enter in to a PC.
How it works is very unique. Rampok_v2.0 work after the install and run. when he will run in the move all the files on the USB automatically to a folder that has been set.

And how it works is not in the know, there are not on the task manager. Unique and the victim will not do if all the files in the USB it has been in the copy by Rampok_v2.0.
Tools can stop in and easy to use. Can also select a folder as a place where you put the file of thievery.
This is one of the tools that I like. Here I will give to you is free.
Please try and feel his intensity ..

Download Free : Rampok v2.0
File Size : 786.31 KB

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