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How to Break Proxy

Hey bro.. you are wicked.. thanks for this info:

It's purpose if not for the bad things, speak well - both with the
possibility adminnya akan given permission to download. Actual network
admin also want all parties can download, khan cape2 so ga ga usah
nyetting2 proxy. But how ya want more, for the same ga kena angry boss,
ya forced deh be busy - busy ria ngurus proxy.

Here are caraku to go through a proxy in place kerjaku when you
want to download files from rapidshare, it is not necessarily
successful in other places, because proxy configuration is most likely
definitely different.

1. http://kharismamand crackrs/01. jpg

This is the image when the site rapidshare, and, of course, have
been hit block proxy. Proxy is usually the standard by admin on the
block only to domain name only, so if accessed directly on IP, the
possibility of blocking techniques akan useless.

2. http://kharismamand crackrs/02. jpg

This is the image to find IP address from, usually
pke Command Prompt with the command ping is able to find its IP, can
also do with the other, an important staple in its IP.

3. http://kharismamand crackrs/03. jpg

Enter the IP addresses that have been found in the browser address
bar, replacing domian name into IP addresses, such as in the picture.
If successful the site Rapidshare akan open as normal.

4. http://kharismamand crackrs/04. jpg

Save Page As address, store in any location on your hard disk, and
open with any text editor, what do I prefer pke EditPlus. Search for
"Free user" and see where the direction if the site click on the Free
User button. Found in the example image address rs59.rapidshare. com

5. http://kharismamand crackrs/05. jpg

Search more IP addresses from using the rs59.rapidshare. com Ping
from Command Prompt. Or the other way, the main thing should be its IP.

6. http://kharismamand crackrs/06. jpg

Enter the IP addresses that have been found in the souce code to
change the domain name into an IP address, such as in the example
image. Then Save the source code.

7. http://kharismamand crackrs/07. jpg

Open html source code back to using the browser. Click Users And Free.

8. http://kharismamand crackrs/08. jpg

If successful it will appear to the download page for Free Users
have such a picture. Note the address bar in your browser, the open is
not a domain name, but directly to the IP address.

9. http://kharismamand crackrs/09. jpg

So of course it will be back because there are words rapidshare in the address bar.

10. http://kharismamand crackrs/10. jpg

Open the command prompt again, and find its IP address (again? Cape deh, this is the last suerrrrr).

11. http://kharismamand crackrs/11. jpg

Enter the IP address that is found in the browser address bar to
change the IP address of a domain as in the picture. And if successful,
then we can download the file.

If you want to ribet ga pke way over utilized rapidleech.

Call again, how do the above or other illegal activities including
a violation of company rules, and of course the risk is the
responsibility of their own.

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