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Hacking Facebook (Taking other people Acount)

Who does not know that Facebook is all in the era of the internet this? Yap, Facebook is a social site, such as a laptop also ... (Males ngomong nih, a leader ma aja yah google ..)
Yes I, my previous post about how to log on false friends, this time I post about how to create a false log on facebook.

Yuuk directly to the discussion ...

1. Please list in
why do I send you the list there?
in the web hosting is free and there is also support from the php in
if not registered simply log in at:

2. after you successfully register the incoming FILE MANAGER to delete the file index.html .... (there will be later in the Cpanel masing2)

3. OK, we start our practice.
needed is the file index.php and write.php as the core fakelogin
scriptnya please download here or in the first
file size 9kb.

4. after you download. There are two files called only index and write
both you please upload the before you have a list.

5. ago index.php first test I've uploaded and you log in from there,
I was successful .. there will be a new file; Password.txt [aim as the place
where the UserID and password that will tertampung on facebook you fakelogin]

6, alright! finished up here. . .

for distribution please masing2 way ...

cm here I love to sample one taking by force account2 facebook mania ..
open the file in the index URL you .. take it .. [important]

hold for firefox users: open tools> options> main


here we refer in order to function within the browser first opened the file directly led to us earlier. ravin allows you more later.
may be in the computer what to sebar / cafe in devotion.

or ..

can also spread this way

you create a new account, in yahoo, gmail, like ato

with nick @ Facebook or something like that.

cm above example ... please make your own art
enjoy ..


hopefully successfully. . .

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