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Go through a proxy server with IP Decimal

This is a trick to cut block the site from the ISP or cafe, or your office ...
but with a different trick ...
This is Poc ...

1. Open cmd
Start>> All Programs>> Accesories>> Command Prompt

2. type ping terblock to the site we see addressnya ip ...
I cite here
because there are some ISP that block this site ...
Code: Select all

then we can see the ip addressnya namely:
we get the ip addressnya:

Code: Select all
3. enter this address to

Code: Select all
we have made to decimal:

we see the results ...

Code: Select all
Decimal ip address of is HTTP: / / 3497389126

4. After the meet move HTTP: / / 3497389126 devotion to your browser!
and the results:

see you succeed

5. This is a trick you can use in addition to the 4 trick ...

6. Wait for my next post is still with the same theme but a different tricks!

7. Many roads leading to Mecca (Prayer is my pilgrimage yee .. ha ... ha ..

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