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Hackers Reveal hacking method Chip Card

To be more secure, ATM card is expected to be changed to chip-based system.
However, a security researcher has found it
method of breaking into the chip-based cards.

The results were disclosed in the annual Black Hat Conference
which was held in Washington D.C., United States. This finding is
because the previous chip-based system is considered very, very safe and
almost impenetrable.

Is a researcher named Christopher Tarnovsky of the Flylogic Engineering
managed to find a way to break the chip-based cards. He also expressed
weaknesses of that technology to the public.

Managed to break the chip Tarnovsky Infineon SLE 66 CL PE called many
used in computers, game systems, identity cards and electronic items
another. However, as quoted from DarkReading, Wednesday (3/2/2010),
Tarnovsky presented method is quite complicated and expensive.

"I'm not saying it's cheap, but this technology is not as safe as the
heralded the vendors, "said Tarnovsky.

Process conducted in breaking Tarnovsky chip card is enough
complicated. That process requires analysis by electron microscopy, making
'map' to penetrate the security of the card and then sticking a needle super
refined to obtain the data in it.

Bobolnya security chip card does not mean that efforts to replace ATM card
This technology does not need to be continued. This is because the method of breaking into the chip card
more complicated than breaking into the security by means of magnetic cards
'simple' like a Skimmer.

Tarnovsky claims his method can be used to break into chips made
other vendors. As a form of responsibility, had earlier Tarnovsky
This method of Infineon, as the chip maker, and Trusted Platform Module
(TPM) security standardization organizations as chips.

In the chip Tarnovsky break takes nine months and
spend hundreds of dollars. "It takes a long time not because of what
committed by the vendor, but because I am still learning how.
After knowing how, not be that difficult anymore, "Tarnovsky asserted.

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