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Thousands of people Estimated Killed in the Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti: Powerful earthquake that shook Haiti Tuesday (12 / 1) afternoon leaving thousands of people estimated to have died. Haiti's presidential palace and other government buildings in the capital of Port-au-Prince collapsed after the tremor. A hospital was also razed to the ground, and all patients were reported buried under rubble, so news Wednesday (31 / 1).

Karel Zelenka, an official representative of Catholic ministry in the capital Port-au-Prince to call a colleague in the U.S. and said that certainly there are thousands of people who died. "He reported that there was a big disaster and chaos, the dust cloud around Port-au-Prince," said a spokesman for the aid, Sara Fajardo in Maryland.

Another eyewitness said that when night fell, survivors tried to pull people out of the pile of concrete and metal. Joseph Guyler Delva, Reuters correspondent in Port-au-Prince, said he saw dozens of casualties. "I saw people under the rubble, and the people who died." he said.

Haitian Ambassador in Washington, Raymond Alcide Joseph, told CNN, "My country is facing a big disaster."

U.S. President, Barack Obama asks people to pray together for Haiti, said the United States is ready to help the country's islands.

French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner also said France was preparing to send help immediately.

This is the largest earthquake ever shook Haiti in the last 16 years. State population of around 9 million people, most living in poverty, and political instability is always abused.

below is the second-second earthquake that occurred in Haiti.

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